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My First Instalment of my Blog of Mine What I’ve Done!

May 1st, 2013

“You’ve always got something to say for yourself” they said. “Always got an opinion on this, that and the other”.

You should write a blog” they said, “…instead of cluttering up our Facebook news feeds….with your long winded dissertations!”

“Oh yes, and what do you suggest I write about?” I said

“Well, you had a successful career as a session musician didn’t you?” they said

“… and then built up a couple of multi-million pound businesses in the music industry” they said


“Well, you should share some of that knowledge with those people who care, instead of bothering us with it!” they said

“Right! I WILL”, I said.

“GOOD”, they said

“OK”, I said

and then we had another drink……

So, being a man of my word, here we are! My first instalment of my blog of mine what I’ve done.

I shall endeavour to make my posts witty, erudite and informative, but in truth I will probably end up upsetting people by being contrary and outspoken.

For the moment, though, I am using this rather short (in both words and content) post to try out the upload procedure.

How hard can it be?


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