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Lisa Stansfield European Tour 2013 – Episode 9: Milan to London

May 27th, 2013

So there we have it!

The first leg of the European Tour done and it’s back to London for a week or so off before we start again in York, UK on the 10th June.

After the riotous gig in Milan we were all partying in the dressing room but, with a ferry to catch on the other side of the continent, bus driver Ian – the Geordie James Hunt – suggested we continue on the bus as he wanted to get back to London in time for Emmerdale (Oh, the glamour)

In actual fact, having turned into a soft southern nancy with more money than sense, before the tour started I had booked myself a hotel in Milan for that night and a flight home the next day. However to be honest, the bus is where it’s at and so I elected to go home with the rest of the guys on the scenic route.

I hope the aeroplane’s not still waiting for me??

The trip back took about 16 hours so the bus company had very kindly flown out another driver so they could take turns. So, we did the whole trip without stopping.

What can I say about a 16 hour bus journey, that isn’t going to have you nodding off?

We drank. We slept. We woke up. We had coffee (lots of coffee). We talked shit (lots of that, too). We shared a ferry with a million Bayern Munich and Dortmund fans on their way to Wembley for the Champions League final. (the wrong team won BTW!)

We finally arrived back in London around 5.00pm, all tired and emotional, and made our way home to be quizzed by our families.

So, that’s the first European leg over. 10 days, 6 cities and 2500 miles later and we are all feeling jolly pleased with ourselves.

As usual with this band, it has been one big riotous laugh from beginning to end – and I genuinely mean that. We each individually have our ups and downs, but at any given time you can guarantee that the majority are rolling about in fits of laughter.

The next show is in York on the 10th June and I shall be blogging from the UK tour and indeed the 2nd leg of the European tour and into Turkey.

However, as I have enjoyed the blogging experience so much, I shall be posting a couple of bonus blogs before the next show, in which I will introduce the guys in the band and crew so keep your eyes peeled for those. I will be complementary to them all in direct proportion to the number of drinks they bought me on this past leg so, if any of you are reading this (Mickey!), you know what to do.

Arrivederci all – and I leave you with an image which has come to mean so much to me over the past couple of weeks………..


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