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Lisa Stansfield European Tour 2013 – Episode 13: Edinburgh to Newcastle

June 13th, 2013

So, after yet another rip roaring show in Edinburgh last night, it was back on to the charabanc for the drive south to Newcastle and what is effectively a home gig for Mickey (he’s from Hartlepool – which explains a lot!)

It’s also a significant show for me as I was born in the North East and, although I left over 30 years ago, it still has a very special place in my heart.

On the drive down we got talking about my Buddy Rich blog post yesterday and one thing led to another which in turn led to us imagining what a Lisa Stansfield Big Band would look like.

Of course, we give it a crack from time to time when we do “Down In The Depths” as an encore but trying to replicate a full jazz big band with me, Mickey & Ian is stretching it a bit!

More Duke of Wellington than Duke Ellington

In the course of the conversation we got on to musicians with appropriate surnames (the drummer, Chad Wackerman for example) and before long we had compiled an entire big band full of appropriate, imaginary and, in some cases, very tasteless personnel.

So, here goes with the (fairly clean version) Lisa Stansfield Big Band – coming to a venue near you (if you’re not careful)

Trumpets: Eamonn Miss, Willy Maykit, Buster Bloodvessel, Terry Bull

Saxes: Al Tow, Chaz Licks, Kenny Reed, Kenny Hell, Barry Tone

Trombones: Oliver Guinness, Scott Novalves, Peter Out

Piano: Ron Chords

Bass: Paul de Strings

Drums: Phil Allgaps

Percussion: Owen Transport

Backing Vocals: Sheila Blydge & Norma Snockers

Band Manager: Manny Zinderpost

Oh, how we laughed!! It’s amazing what you will do to pass the time on a bus journey.

It’s either that or watch one of Snowboy’s films from the 1940s……..

Anyway, finally we arrived in Newcastle and Andrea and I were dropped off at the Malmaison Hotel whilst the others went straight to the theatre to set up their gear. Of course, we both feel terribly, terribly guilty about relaxing in a lovely hot bath in our rooms while all our friends are slaving away at the theatre. So much so that, in support of them all, I only ordered a light snack from room service and I kept my afternoon snooze down to just the one hour .

Finally the call came to say that everything was set up and we were picked up from the hotel to go to the sound check.

Once again, the holy trinity of Walter, Meado and Sean (Cuzzy is also off with Johnny Rotten) made sure that the sound, both on stage and front of house was exemplary and we could all look forward to another storming gig.

Both Mickey and I, being originally local lads, had family at the show and so he met his better half Gill (MUCH better half, I must say….) and I met my sister Susan Curry (there you go Sis – name checked x) for a quick pre-show aperitif before climbing into our elaborate, hand made, designer show costumes to do it all again.

I have to say that, wherever we have gone, the crowds have been amazing and from the very first note last night they were up on their feet and ready to party.

And what a party we had! With the prospect of a night off tomorrow, we all went for it full on – especially with the dancing! Mine and Mickey’s feet were a blur at times!!

In fact, at the after show there was a great deal of excitement about the choreography on the brass riser, and we were swamped with begging requests to pass on some of our best moves.

But we held fast and kept secret those stellar steps handed down to us by Fred & Ginger. (Fred Elliott & Ginger Baker)

And so, dear reader, another barnstorming show draws to a close and we all wend our weary way back down to London for a day off in preparation for the show at Hampton Court Palace on Friday.

Until then, some pictures from the show (courtesy of Sharon RT)

Lisa looking gorgeous as usual

Johnny encouraging Mickey (as if he needs any encouragement!)

Nice lighting Paddy!!


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